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All of us at AcquaTroupe and World Oceans Arts want to express our great concern and solidarity with everyone who is suffering in any way during the coronavirus pandemic. We strongly urge you to follow all official and suggested response measures including staying home as much as you can, postponing non-urgent visits to health care facilities, washing your hands after you go anywhere or see anyone, and directing your prayers/communications/psychic energy toward those who are suffering greatly in this crisis.

We also urge you, if you are saving money by not spending a lot of time in malls/restaurants/gas stations/sports arenas and the like, to contribute to the many philanthropic, humanitarian and religious entities who are desperately trying to provide the material and supportive help needed to get the world past this horrendous crisis. Our own Artists at the Bottom fund will, until further notice, be devoted to this cause. If you know someone who loves the arts and who needs help urgently, please email us so we can show you how to help them.

The arts have always been a major factor in helping people through terrible situations. Please consider any simple ways you can help lift up those who suffer. Just singing a song or sharing a picture or texting a poem to someone could make a huge difference to them. We will all get through this storm if we all care about each other.

--James Gibson, Owner of AcquaTroupe and World Oceans Arts