AcquaTroupe is a multi discipline, professional arts ensemble. We pride ourselves in offering a diverse range of music, theatre, dance, multimedia, spoken word and visual performance arts. Our mission is to bring all the arts to people and places who may not have easy access to them; and to support artists and audiences wherever we can. Acqua is the Italian word for water; we believe the arts, like water, are the most essential element in a civilization which values truth, beauty and freedom.

James Gibson

James Gibson, Owner of AcquaTroupe

We officially began life as AcquaTroupe in Atlanta a few years ago with a series of multi-arts happenings. At the same time, our New York City debut was a play depicting the journey of a performer (Cafe Playa Moon) and a joint cabaret with Aura Curiatlas. Our partnering with that phenomenal physical theatre troupe symbolized our commitment to cooperation, rather than competition, among all artists.

This season we highlight music by living composers. We decorate those performances with gems from all the other arts. Please check out our other pages to learn about our performances throughout North America and Europe. To bring our mission to life, we communicate and collaborate with all kinds of artists on the spectrum, as well as all audience types. Our information can be found on the opportunities page.