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All of us at AcquaTroupe and World Oceans Arts want to express our great concern and solidarity with everyone who is suffering in any way during the coronavirus pandemic. We strongly urge you to follow all official and suggested response measures including staying home as much as you can, postponing non-urgent visits to health care facilities, washing your hands after you go anywhere or see anyone, and directing your prayers/communications/psychic energy toward those who are suffering greatly in this crisis.

*Important: A majority of World Oceans Arts and AcquaTroupe artists and projects are in the southeastern United States. Some of us on the top staff feel that the announced re-opening of businesses in some of these states this week is extremely ill-advised and reckless. Medical communities in these states emphasize that testing for covid19 is nowhere near being available widely, nor are hospitals, emergency services and others anywhere near ready to deal with an upsurge in the virus. This upsurge is virtually guaranteed unless a miracle happens in the next few days.

We strongly urge everyone associated with us, and everyone who follows or supports us, to protest this dangerous decision, to pressure government officials to reverse course....and we urge you to continue staying home, painful though that may be, and to avoid patronizing any sort of location where you will be in close proximity to other people. Based on the number of people we have seen around Atlanta who are not covering their faces and not staying away from close contact with others, we fear that we are all headed for a potential disaster of unparalleled proportions.

We care about you.....please take action, and please follow the guidelines of the medical experts and the more cautious voices in our governments.

--James Gibson, Owner of AcquaTroupe and World Oceans Arts

In light of live entertainment ceasing around the world, we here at AcquaTroupe have put together a little "Quarantine Miniconcert" for our fans. It highlights the works of some of our performers and the works through our partners, World Oceans Arts and James Gibson Arts. We hope it takes your mind off everything, at least for a little while.