AcquaTroupe is now on tour! We are emerging as an amazing multi-arts ensemble with a huge repertoire of music in all styles, theatre from classical to Shakespeare to Broadway, dance and movement arts, literature and spoken word, beautiful visual arts ---- all presented with warm audience involvement and professional excellence. One of the best parts is that for most of these performances, entry will be pay-what-you-can. That is great news for college students and starving artists and senior citizens and everybody!

From its inception almost a decade ago, World Oceans Arts has complemented its film productions with live concerts and stage events. When it created the touring ensemble and multi-arts concept which is AcquaTroupe, a new live performance series in Atlanta began. Featured were some of the principal actors from WOA’s films such as Abby Loren, Anthony Jones, Hannah Rose Nicholson, Kate Mausby, and Rick Brady. The series introduced a diverse showcase prototype variously called Nuovatlanta, Fall-Lanta and AugLanta.

James Gibson and Ellena Hogrefe Auglanta! Opera Recital

Other original members of AcquaTroupe performed in New York City, being seen in a cabaret showcase with the physical theatre troupe Aura Curiatlas, whose members include Sing to the Stars’ and Litany’s Mickey Lonsdale. Next was the third Off Broadway production of James Gibson’s Café Playa Moon, starring Abigail Dufresne. She was understudied by Assistant Director Tess Williams, who co-stars in the forthcoming 1969 with Alisa Erkes.

Early in 2017 the focus for AcquaTroupe shifted to presenting music by living composers. In the three years since then, the Troupe has already gained wide recognition throughout the classical music sphere for its new series of live performance CDs, and for its large roster of composers who are being represented on concerts and multi-arts events in both the U.S. and Europe.

Up to this point, most of the troupe’s performances have been in the southern United States. Featured in half a dozen concerts thus far are Ellena Hogrefe, Maria Innacone, Carolyn Johnston, Mina Phan, and James Gibson. Several Atlanta jazz events have also met with resounding success, thanks to the artistry of noted flutist Cain Oscar-Bergeron as well as Baylee Fields, Stacey Novik, Sam Rowley and Ms. Phan. James Gibson’s ‘Mixed Bag Piano’ events have also showcased AcquaTroupe performers in New York and Washington. Ms. Hogrefe performed a concert of spirituals in Florida.

In keeping with AcquaTroupe’s policy of open artistic boundaries and blending of all the arts, we have offered several showcases and open rehearsals which mix dance and contemporary classical music, such as William Price’s I Don’t Want to Dance – Dance- Like. The spirit of the ‘Lanta’ series mentioned above lives on: a mixture of differing musical styles and artistic genres is now a staple of every live performance. AcquaTroupe’s revolving membership and philosophy of incorporating all the arts into each concert and festival set us apart from most performing groups today.